Career at TinkerHub

TinkerHub is a "for-impact" organisation that formed naturally as a collective over the past 8 years. We started as a community and grew from there, helping each other learn something new. The people who have learned from their peers and reached places contributing back to the community is what TinkerHub is. TinkerHub is its people and the philosophies for a better world for everyone. We have put a lot of effort and love into reaching where we are today. We see our work so seriously that it enables us to keep innovating to remain relevant in the changing world of technology. Having said that, when we start executing our plans, we do it for the fun of doing it too. We are looking forward to diverse people joining the team and teach us to be more empathetic and continue innovating our way forward.

Community Space Manager

We are looking to hire an enthusiastic people’s person to take charge of our newly constructed ‘Tinkerspace’ in Kochi. We envision this space to be a place for anyone to learn and master industry in-demand skills free of cost.

Lead, Policy and Fundraising

We are looking for a policy explorer to start a policy arm/team within Tinkerhub whose predominant responsibility will be to create proposals for partnerships and fundraising along with setting a research culture within the organisation.