Job Description Makerspace Associate Intern (Partime)

Are you an enthusiastic individual who values community and is eager to learn and make a difference? Do you also enjoy building technology projects?

If then, here is this for you -

We are looking out to hire enthusiastic people person who is willing to work as a Makerspace Associate Intern to support the space manager in the activities at Tinkerspace.

TinkerSpace is the first Hub of its kind where anyone could walk in and learn exponential technologies and coding for free. The space is set up and run by startup entrepreneurs and technologists from the state who have created a great future through learning and building technology.

What you will do

Note : This is a part time paid responsibility expected to work from evenings from 6:00PM to 10:00PM on weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays will be working days as community is most active on weekends at space.You could take off on any one of the days between Monday - Friday You could take off on any one of the days between Monday - Thursday.

Maker Space Management :

TinkerSpace has a small maker space for the community members to experiment with projects involving hardware and robotics.

  • Make and keep up the list of available components.
  • Develop a system for members to lend project components.
  • Encourage more members to explore in hardware technologies.
  • Facilitate and host workshops on various hardware technologies.

Community Management :

  • You will have to monitor and understand who walks in to the space and what they are building.
  • Make it easier for them to connect with mentors and keep track of their learning progress.
  • Facilitate TinkerHub’s & partner activities at TinkerSpace
  • Support and help students build college projects at the space.
  • Everyone who makes use of TinkerSpace will have an interesting story to tell. You will have to closely interact and work with the community members at space to bring out some amazing stories on what they are learning and building.
  1. Networking & Collaboration:
    • Interact and collaborate with a range of professionals, including those from major tech companies like Google, Amazon, and TrueCaller.
    • Engage with tech community pioneers and startup founders to enhance the community ecosystem.
  2. Learning & Development:
    • Embrace opportunities to work on innovative projects within the Makerspace.
    • Leverage the platform to enhance personal knowledge, skills, and career growth.
  3. Operational Tasks:
    • Ensure physical presence at TinkerSpace during designated hours (6PM - 10PM on weekdays and full availability on weekends).
    • Provide weekly updates on the projects and activities happening within the space.
    • Regularly update the component list and ensure its accuracy.
    • Organize weekly programs, such as "Maker Thursday" from 6-8 PM.
    • Implement and manage a user system for the Makerspace, particularly focusing on the lending and usage of components.
    • Actively assist students in project development and facilitate mentor connections as needed.
    • Uphold and ensure adherence to housekeeping rules within the space to maintain a clean and organized environment.
  4. Communication:
    • Possess strong communication skills in both English (written and spoken) and, if possible, proficiency in speaking Malayalam.
    • Regularly update stakeholders on various activities and projects.

What you will get :

  • The chance to meet and learn from incredible individuals who enter the space this could be Enthusiastic students or amazing makers experts who comes to learn and build wonderful projects.
  • Work closely with tech community pioneers and leading startup founders.
  • In addition to helping run the Makerspace, you'll have the chance to learn and create some amazing projects.
  • You will collaborate with a diverse group of people who are currently or previously employed by major tech companies like Google, Amazon, TrueCaller, etc.
  • You will get support in your career development, expand your knowledge and skills.
  • Make a difference in the lives of thousands of young girls and boys across the state.
  • Monthly stipend of 5K.

Who are we looking for :

  • You can be a student or a recent graduate who has experience building hardware projects.
  • You should have clear understanding and knowledge of various hardware components and robotics. (You can even apply if you have less experience but would love to explore these domains).

  • A Hardware enthusiast who would love to explore and work around Makerspace and help in building projects.

  • A people person who connects with community members in solving their tech problems and and connecting with mentors when needed.
  • A clear communicator with good spoken and written skills in English language, speaking proficiency in Malayalam will be useful.
  • You will have to be physically present at Tinkerspace from 6PM - 10PM on weekdays and Sat - Sun will be working days as all the major activities are on weekends.

Duration : 6 Months

We encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all of the criteria if you feel you will be a good fit for the role.

Apply before Nov 24th

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