Making a Non Profit

Whenever we introduce ourselves as a Non for profit organization or For Impact organization people feels hard to understand, why we do this way, how we make money, or what are nonprofits in general. We made this small doc to help you understand a bit.

What is a Non-Profit Organisation

A non for profit organization is an entity that is working for the impact in the society that they are part of. This doesn't mean NPOs shouldn't make any profits from their activities but they should re-invest the leftover money/profit into the cause they are working on, Simply put the promoters can't take home any money when the org has balance.

How does TinkerHub make money

TinkerHub never charges students for any sort of programs we do. We make money mostly through donations. People who believe in community lead technology learning or those who got benefitted from the activities TinkerHub did are the major donors. 80-90% of each year's expenses are met through donations and 10% through the consultation/work done for the government/partners.

What happens when you donate to TinkerHub

  • You will fuel a social change experiment that is already making a huge impact on thousands of people in learning, career, and in life.

  • You will get a 50% tax exemption for the amount you donated.

TinkerHub is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 by the name TinkerHub Technology Innovation Foundation with the Registrar Of Societies, Kozhikode office.

80G, 12AA, CSR1 and Taxes

TinkerHub has all the above 3 registrations/certifications from the government of India.

let's look at what all these means.

  • 12AA means TinkerHub is an organization that does charitable/social impact works and TinkerHub doesn't want to pay for the money they receive.
  • 80G means TinkerHub is an organization that does charitable/social impact works and whoever is donating to the cause doesn't want to pay taxes for the amount they donate to TinkerHub.
  • CSR1 means TinkerHub is having 80G for the last 3 years and are eligible to receive CSR Funding from corporates.

Tax Registration Details

Certification Registration Number
12AA AAEAT9259R/09/17-18/S-0521
80G AAEAT9259R/09/18-19/T-0175/80G
CSR1 CSR00001705

Where is your registered address

Building No 12/94, Munnookkum Purayil, ParappanPoyil, Thamarassery, Kozhikode, Pin 673573 Reg No KKD/CA/478/2016

Where are you Incubated

We are incubated at the Center for Innovation, Technology Transfer & Industry Collaboration (CITTIC), CUSAT.

Where can we find you

We have our own community maker/hacker/learning space in Kochi, Where you can find us.

21/258, Vidya Nagar Colony, Thrikkakara, HMT Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 682024