Job Description
Media Lead


Are you a storyteller with a knack for convincing people?

At TinkerHub, we are seeking a passionate Media Lead to share our stories, outcomes, and impact outside our community, amplify our voice across various platforms, and build a brand through effective campaign strategies.

Role Overview

As our Media Lead, you’ll be central to crafting our narrative and boosting our presence in the tech community. Whether through social media, podcasts, or direct outreach, your efforts will ensure our initiatives resonate far and wide.


  • [ ] Do you have experience in marketing, branding, or digital content creation portfolio?
  • [ ] Are you recognised for your ability to engage and grow an audience through innovative strategies?
  • [ ] Are you passionate about what TinkerHub stands for?

What You Will Do

As a Media Lead, your role will involve strategic and creative efforts to increase the visibility and impact of TinkerHub and TinkerSpace.

Here are your key responsibilities:

  • Strategic Brand Development: Develop and implement a well defined brand strategy that enhances the visibility of TinkerHub and TinkerSpace across multiple platforms.
  • Team Leadership: Build and lead a team of interns, delegating tasks effectively to ensure work distribution and proper execution of developed strategies.
  • Content Production: Produce a range of multimedia content, including:
    • Short Films and Documentaries: Create compelling short films and documentaries that highlight the impact and initiatives of TinkerHub.
    • Informative Videos: Develop informative and engaging videos that explain complex tech concepts in simple terms and showcase success stories from the community.
  • Podcast Production: Launch and maintain a regular podcast series about tech innovations, interviews with key figures in the tech community, and discussions on the future of technology education.
  • Campaign Management: Drive brand visibility projects through targeted campaigns designed to engage and expand our audience. Use both digital and traditional media to maximize reach.
  • Event Promotion: Strategically promote events and workshops through engaging online content and partnerships with other tech communities and influencers.
  • Analytics and Feedback: Regularly analyze the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns, using data to refine approaches and increase engagement.
  • Community Engagement: Foster strong relationships with the community through continuous engagement and collaborative projects.

Who We're Looking For

Ideal candidates are:

  • Creative and Proactive: You bring fresh ideas to the table and are always in the lookout for innovative ways to present content.
  • Experienced or Proven: You have relevant experience (1 year) or have completed significant internships or personal branding projects.
  • Tech-Savvy: Comfortable with the latest digital marketing tools and platforms.
  • Strong Communicators: Excellent in both verbal and written communication.
  • Analytical Thinkers: Skilled in harnessing insights from data to guide decisions.
  • Team Players: Good at collaborating and valuing diverse input and teamwork.

Want to know specifics?

Here are the key experience and skill sets we are considering for the role;


At least one year working full time or a very strong social media profile/experience to compare with full time job.


  • Should be hands-on, and able to do photo/video editing in minimal ways if necessary
  • Experience in Figma / other editors as well
  • Should be able to lead a set of volunteers and interns
  • Self initiation & ownership is a key

The Impact

Joining TinkerHub as a Media Lead means you’ll be directly contributing to making tech learning accessible and captivating. Your work will inspire and mobilise tech enthusiasts everywhere.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary Range: ₹20,000 - ₹30,000 per month, depending on experience and past achievements.

Contract Duration: This position is full-time, Kalamassery Kochi based and onsite . There will be a three month probation time, Upon review of performance, there is potential to extend the contract, offering further opportunities for professional growth and increased responsibility.

Last Date to apply: 31 May 2024

Contact for queries

Arundhathi Krishna

Program Manager @TinkerHub

+91 9645896675 |

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