Study Jams

Mentor-led learning sessions to introduce new technologies to individuals. The virtual sessions will last from 5 to 10 days, during which they learn about a specific technology. We dedicate the next weekend after the learning sessions to building a project based on what they learned during the period.

Active Study Jams

Vue.js Study Jams

Ever wanted to build awesome web experiences? Join our Vue.js study jam! It's like a coding playground where you'll learn this popular framework by making something cool.

Django Study Jams

co-hosted by CE Karunagapally
Master the web with Django magic! Level up your skills and Power up your projects. Get ready for the coolest jamming session!

Why Study Jams

The program, designed and facilitated by TinkerHub Foundation, is built around enabling participants to acquire the skills required for career advancements or to search for better opportunities, in the process they acquire skills and potentially build a project that can give a huge boost in their career.

What Next???

After completion of Study Jams, you can test your skills in an overnight hackathon hosted by TnkerHub called Saturday HackNight. You could also explore more of our learning content already available in the learning paths.

Study Jams - Happenings