Vue.js Study Jams

Ever wanted to build awesome web experiences? Join our Vue.js study jam! It's like a coding playground where you'll learn this popular framework by making something cool.
Learn new skills, ✨ share ideas, and create epic stuff with a cool community . This jam is gonna be LEGIT!
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Vue.js (pronounced "view") is like a helper for making websites more interesting. Imagine a website is a picture book, but some parts can change and move around!

Vue.js helps you make those special parts. You can:

  • Show pictures and information, just like the pictures in a book.
  • Make things change when you click on them, like pop-up surprises!
  • Build little games and fun things to do on the website.

Vue.js is kind of like training wheels for bikes. It makes building these cool website features easier, so anyone can do it, even if they're new to coding!

Build Websites Users Love ❤️ Learn Vue.js, Get Hired #studyjam

Vue.js: Easy to learn, fast & powerful. Build stunning websites & stand out! ➡️ Join our jam & level up: Vue.js

1. Fundamentals - Creating a Vue App - Directives - Getting Started - Event Handling

2. Reactivity in Vue, Dev Tools - Watchers, Computed - Options API - props, emits, creating components, slots

3. Lifecycle Hooks - Fetching Data - Building stuff with what we have learned

4. A new way of doing things - Composition API - script setup - creating Composables

5. Ecosystem - Styling, Routing, Deployment - Vue Router - VueUse hooks - state management using pinia - Deployment

Some questions you might have!!!

The study jam will be completly online and fully free.

It is planned to start on April 13, 2024.

  • The sessions are planned to be 1 hr per day.
  • In addition, you'll be given some small projects during the classes Plus an Final team project at the end of all sessions!
  • There will be 5 Session, 1 Hour per day!
  • 1 Week of sessions
  • 1 Week of building a team project based on what you learned.
  • Thats it. * Thats all wrapped then*

We think that piling certificates is'nt worth as projects- Which is why we don't provide certificate.
Build more Projects- Learn more🚀

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If you are stuck in the process, or have any doubts, Feel free to contact the peeps behind the Study Jams. Email us and clear your doubts and get along the wonderful journey.