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Master the web with Django magic! Level up your skills and Power up your projects. Get ready for the coolest jamming session!

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Django is a free and open-source web framework built with the Python programming language.

It streamlines web development, making it faster and easier to build secure, maintainable websites and applications.

Think of it as a pre-built toolbox with common web development tools like user login, database management, and security features, allowing you to focus on crafting your unique app functionalities.

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Django empowers you to create dynamic web applications efficiently.

Its "batteries-included" approach provides a foundation for features like user authentication, admin panels, and security, allowing you to focus on your unique app functionalities.

From social media platforms to e-commerce sites.Django fuels a vast range of successful projects, making it a valuable skill for web developers.

This session will be mentored by Jerome Jo Manthara

DAY 1 - Introduction to Django
What is Django? , Setting up Django environment, Setting up a Django project ,Understanding the Django framework

DAY 2 - Models, Databases and Admin Interface
Defining data models(database tables), Working with databases ,Migrations and data management, easy to use built in Django admin interface

DAY 3 - Views and Templates
Creating views to handle user requests, Building user interfaces with Django templates, Templating concepts and syntax

DAY 4 - Forms and User Authentication
Implementing user registration and login, Managing user permissions and roles, Building and using Django forms, Form handling and validation, Custom user models

DAY 5 - Django Object-Relational Mapper
Object-Relational Mapping, Querying the database, HTTP methods for each CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete)

Some questions you might have!!!

The study jam will be completly online and fully free.

It is planned to start on March 18th 2024

  • The sessions are planned to be 1 hr per day.
  • In addition, you'll be given some small projects during the classes Plus an Final team project at the end of all sessions!
  • There will be 5 Session, 1 Hour per day!
  • 1 Week of sessions
  • 1 Week of building a team project based on what you learned.
  • Thats it. * Thats all wrapped then*

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