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Hey, my name is Hirehack TH
Leveraging your LinkedIn profile
This course will help you to leverage the power of LinkedIn to build your network, attract opportunities, build your personal brand and much more.
Creating a portfolio in GitHub pages
During engineering education, running behind in learning academics, programming languages, coding, finding more about the latest technologies, and many more, the chances for students to learn advanced topics are more. But there are some essential chapters and tools that are left out, which students have very limited knowledge of. Even though our best buddy computer does the major work, the lack of knowledge in these lessons has resulted in inefficiencies, wastage of time, data loss, and many more.Through this initiative, we are aiming to give an insight into those left-out chapters. We often fail to realize that there are lots of tools that can make our development process easier as these topics are not taught as part of our academics and have never learned how to use these tools. This learning program will help you master some essential tools and concepts that you can utilize throughout your coding journey. Our goal is to teach you such essential tools and concepts for making development easier for those who already know programming and coding and also for those who are getting started with coding. In this course, we're gonna learn about Git and Github, why they are important and how to use them.
Essential Learning
Essential tech lessons that will aid your career.
Interview Skills
Interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process, from startups to MNCs. Here we take a deep dive into attending interviews.
Writing effective emails
Email plays an important role in your career as every official communication is done through e-mails. it is one of the most common forms of communication. An email differs from other platforms for messaging in that email is a formal way of communicating. It shows that you are more serious about something that you are sending. So as a future professional you should learn to write a good email. By building and improving your email writing skills, you will gain more confidence, enhance your professional reputation, and grow your career.