What is the TinkerSpace Visit All About?

TinkerSpace is not just another tech lab, it's a vibrant community aiming to break down barriers in tech education. Our Industrial Visit offers you a guided tour through the revolutionary technologies changing our world today. Engage in live demonstrations, interact with our advanced technology setups, and understand the future scope of various technologies.

👥 Who Can Join?

College Students: Whether you're studying engineering, arts, or business, if you're keen on exploring future tech trends, you're welcome.

Tech Enthusiasts: From coding hobbyists to gadget geeks, if technology excites you, come along.

Aspiring Innovators: Got an idea you think could be the next big thing? Come find out how to make it a reality.

Community Members: Both tech and non-tech folks interested in learning about technology are more than welcome. No age bar, no background restrictions, if you're curious, you're in!

🛠 Things We Will Cover

Introduction to TinkerSpace: Understand our mission and vision.

Tour of Tech Zones: Detailed walkthrough of our specialized zones.

Hands-On Demos: Engage with the technologies first-hand.

Interaction with Mentors: Learn from those who’ve walked the path.

Tech Amenities at TinkerSpace

🕶 VR Zone

Step into other worlds with our Virtual Reality zone. Our VR experience is not just limited to games; it also extends to professional simulations and interactive learning modules.

🤖 AI Experience Zone

Uncover the secrets of AI and Machine Learning. Participate in AI-based activities and see machine learning algorithms in action.

💻 GPU Stations

Our powerful GPU stations are perfect for heavy computational tasks, coding, and even machine learning projects.

🛠 3D Printing

Watch the magic of additive manufacturing. Learn how 3D models are converted into real-world objects.

🎮 Maker Station

A workshop area equipped with all the tools you’d need to go from an idea to a physical prototype. Solder, clip, build and discover!

🌐 Open Source Project Contributions

Join a community of contributors and work on real-world projects that are used by people worldwide.

TinkerSpace IV Feedback

Your insights shape the future of TinkerSpace IV! We're constantly striving to elevate your experience, and your feedback plays a pivotal role. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas with us. Help us tailor TinkerSpace IV to better suit your innovative endeavors.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the IV is absolutely free.

The IV spans approximately 4 hours, packed with learning and fun.

Absolutely not! The IV is designed to be educational for people at all skill levels.

Yes, we would like you to register to ensure a seamless experience.

📞 Contact Details

Space Manager

Email: Tinkerspacekochi@gmail.com

Phone: +91 97786 91650

Location: 21/258, Cusat.P.O, Punnekkattumoola, Seaport - Airport Rd, Vidya Nagar Colony, Thrikkakara, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 682022

We can't wait to welcome you to TinkerSpace, where you can start a lifelong journey of technological discovery!