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Where Ideas Meet Technology, Innovation and Collaboration! Are you scouting for the ideal location to host an event that celebrates technology, collaboration, and revolutionary concepts? Look no further. TinkerSpace, proudly supported by the community fund of Kerala Startup Mission, is tailor-made for forward-thinkers and innovators like you. Make your booking now and set the stage for an unforgettable event!

How to Book Your Spot?

1. Onboard Your Organization: Before diving in, ensure your organization is onboarded with TinkerSpace. 2. Register Your Event: Once onboarded, submit details of your event for approval. 3. Approval & Confirmation: After our Space Manager reviews and approves based on space availability, you'll receive a confirmation. 4. Check the Calendar: Post-approval, your event will be reflected in our online calendar. 5. Stay Updated: An email notification will keep you posted about your booking status.

Post-Event Procedure

Upon concluding your event at TinkerSpace, it's mandatory for organizers to provide feedback. This process ensures the continual evolution and enhancement of our venue. The link below is specifically designed for this purpose. Kindly ensure timely submission as it’s crucial for us to understand your experience and make any necessary improvements.

Why Embark on a Journey with TinkerSpace?

1. Invigorating Environment: Tailored for the brightest minds, our venue is conducive for workshops, brainstorming, and synergistic activities.

2. Advanced Facilities: Benefit from state-of-the-art tech and tools, propelling your projects to new heights.

3. Strategic Position: With central accessibility, we ensure everyone reaches with utmost ease.

4. Network of Trailblazers: Immerse yourself in a community brimming with innovators, tech aficionados, and forward-thinkers.

5. Value Beyond Measure: While we extend this venue free of charge, its inherent value in fostering innovation is truly unparalleled.

Essentials to Note:

Due to the overwhelming demand, early reservations are highly encouraged.

Embracing and adhering to TinkerHub's fundamental values is crucial for a cohesive, enriching environment for all attendees.

Attendance Protocol: Every participant must mark their attendance using the QR code provided at TinkerSpace.

Housekeeping Rules: All guests are expected to respect and abide by our housekeeping rules to ensure a well-maintained and organized environment.

Space Booking Guidelines

Reserve Your Creative Haven!

Before you embark on a transformative journey at TinkerSpace, ensure you're well-versed with our booking guidelines. They're crafted to ensure a harmonious experience for every visionary like you. Tap below to familiarize yourself, and then reserve your inspiring space seamlessly!