Tech Amentities at TinkerSpace

VR Zone

Step into our Virtual Reality Zone and immerse yourself in alternate realities. Whether it's gaming, design, or educational content, our state-of-the-art VR equipment promises an unparalleled experience.

AI Experience

At TinkerSpace, we've embraced the future. Our AI Experience area lets you explore the intricacies of machine learning, powered by cutting-edge tools like Chat GPT Pro. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this zone is tailored to meet your AI aspirations.

GPU Stations

For those intense coding sessions or high-end computational tasks, our GPU Stations are equipped with the latest graphic cards. These stations guarantee seamless performance, ensuring your projects run smoothly without any hitches.

3D Printing

Got a design in mind? Bring it to life! Our 3D Printing section is equipped with advanced printers that can translate your digital models into physical objects. From prototypes to unique art pieces, the possibilities are endless.

Maker Station

For the hands-on tech enthusiasts, the Maker Station is a dream come true. Stocked with tools and components for hardware projects, it's the ideal spot to tinker, build, and innovate.

Added Perks of Being a TinkerSpace Member


At TinkerSpace, you're not alone on your tech journey. We have a network of seasoned startup founders and dedicated tech learners. They are here to guide you, share their experiences, and offer insights that could be pivotal to your projects.


Great minds think alike, and at TinkerSpace, you'll find many. Join our community and connect with fellow tech enthusiasts. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, or simply discuss the latest in technology.

Project Demo

Completed a project? Showcase it to our community! At TinkerSpace, we regularly host demo days where members can present their creations, gather feedback, and even attract potential collaborators or investors.


There's always something happening at TinkerSpace. From hackathons to tech talks, workshops to brainstorming sessions, our space hosts a plethora of events. Dive in, learn something new, and engage with the community.