Tink-her-Hack is an all-Kerala women's exclusive hackathon by TinkerHub Women in Tech. It seeks to bring together women from various campuses across Kerala to learn, develop, and be inspired.

Here we focus on women who are eager to get into tech to build and acquire a solid core knowledge of a stack, as well as women who want to upskill their abilities for a stronger portfolio.

๐Ÿ“Œ About

  • The core objective is to bring women from all across Kerala together to learn, build, network, and be inspired.
  • To provide every female student with the opportunity to demonstrate their skill, regardless of their level of understanding in the tech sector.
  • We want to empower women by hosting a women-only hackathon where they may collaborate with other female students from comparable backgrounds.
  • Assist them in analysing the world's social problems and developing a viable solution and building together.
1 Register as a team
2 Provide guidelines and helping them to submit abstract
3 Shortlisting maximum of 30 teams per region
4 Provide online workshops and mentoring to the shortlisted teams
5 Offline 24 hour hackathon begins at 5 regions
6 Selecting 5 best projects from each region
7 Host a presentation with these team after a few weeks, with their fully built product
8 Selecting the winner and distributing prize
  • Keralaโ€™s largest women-exclusive hackathon.
  • Bringing a large number of tech enthusiast women in spite of their tech knowledge.
  • Dividing the whole hackathon into 3 phases so that the team can build a complete end-to-end product.
  • Free Registration.

Venue Partners

Toc H Institute of Science and Technology


NSS College of Engineering


Farook College (Autonomous)


Saintgits College of Engineering (Autonomous)


St. Teresa's College



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