Our belief system is why we do what we do. And here is some of that we want to have at the core of TinkerHub.

Hakuna Matata!

Skills have become more or less a measure of a person’s value to an organisation today. If you’re fretting that you don’t have a top-rated skill, just say Hakuna Matata!

No more worries. In campus communities, learning is accessible like never before. We believe that anyone can learn anything. Meet some of those who did it! → Our Learning stories

Coding is a superpower

Playing around with technology is cool! But what if you were the brain behind that technology? So much more fun, right? Simply put, if you learn to code, you become a superhero. You become a maker. Besides, research shows that by 2022, almost 80% of all jobs will be computer-based. We won’t want you to be left behind.

Get your hands dirty!

Learn on the go. It’s okay to start with not much knowledge about what you do. In the beginning, you might feel confused or scared, but you’ll grow and understand more with each step you take. Come on, even the top engineers of the world google parts of their code!

Help each other

As humans, helping each other up is a core responsibility. We move forward with a lot of give and take. In fact, we owe each other a lot for our existence and sustained growth. As part of a community, each step that each of you takes is important. While we celebrate your victory, remember that you’re committed to helping others who didn’t get to have their own victory.

Nobody falls

Walls are meant to be broken. Campus communities are spaces where everyone feels welcome, safe and respected. We are here to make sure that nobody loses out on opportunities and access to them just because of their identity or ethnicity. As a community, we are intolerant towards discrimination on any grounds, and we’re together on that.

Never Give Up

Do you know what the biggest challenge is when you’re learning? It is to keep going, no matter what. Let’s take risks and stretch our limits. Together, we can make mistakes and start from square one again. After all, mistakes are proof that you’re trying the right things.