Motor Controller Workshop - Unveiling the Tech Behind Electric Vehicles

Relive the knowledge-packed Motor Controller Workshop for Electric Vehicles! Discover insights into EV performance, motor control principles, and the latest advancements in sustainable mobility tech.

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Recap: Motor Controller Workshop - Unveiling the Tech Behind Electric Vehicles

Missed the action? Here's a recap of our "Motor Controller for Electric Vehicles Workshop" that took place at SOE, CUSAT.

🔍 Highlights:

  • Participants delved into motor control principles, understanding its pivotal role in enhancing electric vehicle performance.

  • inQube's expert shared insights on the latest advancements in the dynamic field of electric mobility.

🚗 Sustainable Drive:

  • Enthusiasts and engineers alike explored the workshop, gaining valuable knowledge about the technology driving the sustainable transportation revolution.

🎓 Educational Journey:

  • The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering curated an informative session, contributing to the participants' understanding of electric vehicle tech.

👏 Gratitude:

  • A big thanks to Anamik and Fidha Jamal for organizing this insightful workshop and contributing to the educational journey of all participants.

Missed the workshop? Stay tuned for future events, and keep riding the wave of innovation in electric vehicle technology! ⚡🌐 #EVWorkshopRecap #ElectricMobility #InnovationInTech

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