Leading Lights: An Illuminating Month at TinkerSpace with Industry Stalwarts

Esteemed personalities graced TinkerSpace, offering unparalleled insights from the worlds of climate action, cybersecurity, and financial tech.

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This month, TinkerSpace was privileged to open its doors to several trailblazers who have not just excelled in their fields but have actively shaped them.

Ananth Padmanabhan - As the dynamic CEO of both Greenpeace India and the Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative, and the Chief Executive of Amnesty International in India, Ananth's influence spans vast sectors. Moreover, his foundational roles in initiatives like Socratus Foundation, Rootbridge, and WeLive Foundation make his insights invaluable. If climate change, education, constitutional values, or the intricacies of establishing a social enterprise interest you, Ananth’s perspective is a treasure trove.

Shemeer - The brain behind Aikyam.fund and Tech4Good Labs, Shemeer is also celebrated as a Mozilla Tech & Society Fellow from BITS Pilani. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to dive into cybersecurity and privacy will find Shemeer’s expertise invaluable. He highlighted Aikyam Fund's accelerator program, which has a noble vision for Kerala's contribution to global Privacy & Security by 2030.

Vishnu Sudhakaran - A powerhouse Full Stack Engineer at Zerodha, Vishnu has played pivotal roles in the development of Zerodha's innovative apps, including Coin. His session gave attendees an insightful look into the technology behind these platforms. Plus, with his vast contributions to the open-source community, Vishnu inspired many to explore and contribute to the realm of open software.

As TinkerSpace continues to be a hub for knowledge sharing and growth, visits from such esteemed personalities truly enrich our community, providing inspiration, guidance, and a broadened horizon for all attendees.

Reema Shaji

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