Exciting Beginnings: Introducing the AI Wednesdays at Tinkerspace

We had our first AI discussions kickstarted in Tinkerspace, and the turnout exceeded all expectations.

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The atmosphere in Tinkerspace was vibrant and charged with excitement as a diverse gathering of creative minds, innovators, and enthusiasts converged for the inaugural session of the AI Discussion Group — an ingenious initiative by TinkerHub. This marked the commencement of a remarkable journey aimed at igniting fresh ideas, fostering connections, and embarking on a captivating exploration of the expansive realm of Artificial Intelligence. The group, which would convene every Wednesday, aspired to cultivate a nurturing environment where AI engineers and researchers could come together harmoniously, indulging in imaginative dialogues and venturing into uncharted territories of innovative concepts.

The debut session of the AI Discussion Group saw an enthusiastic turnout, with more than 30 participants joining the conversation. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences brought a unique blend of perspectives to the table. The event began with Shameel sharing his experiences in building a platform based on Vectordb and ChatGPT. Danwand followed suit by highlighting his ventures into AI applications in the legal domain.

Jofin took the floor to illuminate the myriad possibilities that arise at the intersection of AI and Language and Linguistics Models (LLM). His insights shed light on how AI can revolutionize the field, opening up new avenues for innovation. Nandakishor M, scientist at IIT Palakkad, also the mastermind behind an LLM focused on mental health, simplified the complex world of transformers, showcasing their evolution and potential.

GopiKrishan, an experienced Machine Learning engineer, delved into the technical intricacies of Language and Linguistics Models. He captivated the audience by showcasing text-to-image generation, utilizing both English and Malayalam prompts in indicai.in. His demonstration featured an imaginative image of tea being brewed on the moon’s surface.

                                                                                        Gopikrishnan speaking about LLM

However, the event wasn’t all talk. Participants rolled up their sleeves and engaged in hands-on experiments. Leveraging the power of an NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation GPU, they locally ran the stable diffusion model within Tinkerspace. They also interacted with the Space AI Telegram bot, an ingenious creation that added an element of interactivity to the discussions

As the AI Discussion Group sets sail, the potential for groundbreaking projects and ideas seems limitless. The shared enthusiasm and curiosity of the participants are poised to create discussions, experiments, and tryouts that could lay the foundation for transformative endeavors.

With TinkerHub steering the ship, the future appears bright for AI enthusiasts and innovators. As this vibrant community delves deeper into the realms of AI, it’s exciting to anticipate the emergence of technologies and solutions that could reshape our world. The journey has begun, and the path ahead is full of possibilities — all fueled by the collective passion for innovation.


I'm a B.Tech graduate, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Currently, I wear two hats - one as an AI researcher and the other as an avid explorer of social science. A Youth Leadership Fellowship at the Center for Public Policy Research broadened my understanding of public policy and leadership, leading me to delve into researching youth migration trends in Kerala. My involvement with TinkerHub as an AI researcher allows me to blend my passion for technology, creativity, and innovation. My story reflects the harmonious blend of technology, social science, and leadership, offering a glimpse into a future where these elements converge for meaningful change.

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Vishakh Abhayan 10 months ago

Kudos to TinkerHub for fostering this exciting journey into AI exploration. Looking forward to the future meetups!