Empowering Women in Tech: Highlights from the WiT Leadership Summit at TinkerSpace

Dive into the dynamic world of technology with the Women in Tech (WiT) Leadership Summit at TinkerSpace! Explore insights, discussions, and collaborative projects that empower women in the tech sector

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In a celebration of women in technology, the Women in Tech (WiT) Leadership Summit unfolded at TinkerSpace from November 18th to 19th, providing a dynamic platform for facilitators to actively contribute to the progress of women in the tech sector. The summit kicked off with an engaging hacknight, where participants collaborated on crafting the official website for Women in Tech at TinkerHub.

Varsha Shaheen, a WiT Fellow, delivered an inspiring introduction, setting the tone for the subsequent discussions. The first day featured enlightening panel discussions, with industry experts like Moosa Mehar MP, Kurian Jacob, Varsha Shaheen, and Arundhathi Krishna exploring WiT's goals and significance, offering valuable insights into TinkerSpace. A profile building session led by Laya Anna Lalan provided practical guidance for enhancing professional profiles.

The summit continued on the second day with additional insights into personal and professional development during the profile building session. Panel discussions, featuring Sumeeti Lalwani, Irene Anna Kurian, Cerin Sara Santhosh, and Divya Suseelan, delved into software development and project management. Goal-setting sessions allowed facilitators to select project stacks and form collaborative groups, culminating in hands-on project building.

The summit successfully concluded on November 19th after hosting a series of engaging activities. This event not only fostered collaboration and skill-building but also highlighted TinkerHub's steadfast commitment to empowering women in technology, creating a supportive community within TinkerSpace. Stay tuned for more empowering initiatives and collaborations on the horizon! 💻🚀 #WiTLeadershipSummit #WomenInTech #TinkerSpaceInnovation

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