Dynamic Display at TinkerSpace

Yan created this wonderful tool that could dynamically change the contents of TinkerSpace TV.

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The problem

When we wanted to announce something through TV, say a new event or space availability what we used to do is create a poster in Figma, upload it to one of our TV linked google photo accounts and then reload one app to show the posters. This would take time and someone knows Figma was a minimum requirement.

What we ideally wanted

  1. A TV app or a web app that can run in a TV browser
  2. Ability to change the contents ( mostly text ) real quick
  3. No need of re starting / re loading the app / page

What we created

  1. A web app, with a beautiful UI
  2. An easy to manage backend


  1. Text with Heading and Sub Heading
  2. Image, Full Screen, with one image storage
  3. Webpage loading of any URL we gives
  4. Dynamic display / No need to refresh
  5. Railway station announcement music when updating the content ( Optional )
  6. Easy to use Back End

TinkerSpace Dynamic Display Front End / What you will see in the TV

Backend where we could make edits and push to TV

Tech Details

URL : https://tinkerhub-dynamic-display.vercel.app

Deployment : Vercel

APP : React, Next Js

Backend : Firebase Real time database

Image upload : Firebase Storage

Git Repo : https://github.com/yanchummar/tinkerhub-dynamic-display

Moosa Mehar MP

Hey, Mehar here from TinkerHub team. I'm one of the co-founders of TinkerHub and currently works full time at TinkerHub as CEO. Reach me at mehar@tinkerhub.org

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