AI for Justice: The Pioneering OpenNyAI Maker Residency at TinkerSpace

In the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, its vast potential stretches beyond industries we typically associate it with. How about weaving AI into the fabric of our justice system?

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Diving Deep into the Confluence of Tech & Law:

Late last month, TinkerSpace in Kochi witnessed a gathering unlike any. An assemblage of experts spanning the fields of law, justice, and technology embarked on a mission. From the 28th of July to the 1st of August 2023, TinkerSpace, the first-of-its-kind maker space in Kochi, partnered with OpenaNyAI to host a transformative event: The “OpenNyAI Maker Residency”.

Aimed at harnessing the capabilities of AI to ensure increased, speedy, and safe access to justice, this residency witnessed the participation of over 30 innovators and entrepreneurs. They hailed not only from India but from global corners like the UK and the Netherlands, representing fields ranging from technology and law to design and social entrepreneurship.

The AI Journey in the World of Law & Justice:

Throughout this event, attendees dived into the granular challenges facing the legal realm. They polished their problem statements, validated hypotheses, and transitioned these ideas into actionable prototypes. The questions they tackled were not just theoretical but deeply rooted in real-time challenges. Whether addressing the intricacies of information asymmetry or creating chat interfaces for grievance redressal in Andhra Pradesh, the passion and drive for a better legal landscape were palpable.

Adding to this robust environment of innovation were mentors and experts who steered the discussions. Their guidance, from discussing the ethics in AI to exploring its limitations, added depth to the dialogue, further bridging the gap between technologists and legal experts.

Sidebar sessions, curated by the TinkerHub Foundation, brought added dimensions to the discourse, touching upon crucial subjects like ethical tech practices and open-source applications in the legal realm. This residency not only ignited dialogues but also laid the foundation for continued innovation, exemplified by the engagement of prominent entities such as Justice Kannan Krishnamoorthy, One Future Collective, Lawctopus, and many more.

Contributions & Collaborations:

A residency as unique as this was bound to attract luminaries from various fields. Legal minds like Justice Kannan Krishnamoorthy and technical experts from the TinkerHub Foundation shared their insights, while organizations like One Future Collective and Lawctopus added value with their perspectives.

The power of collaboration was palpable as participants, such as Priyamvadha Shivaji of VIDHI org, showcased their projects, bridging the often vast divide between legal practitioners and tech enthusiasts. This synergy was further bolstered by a roster of distinguished mentors and speakers, including the likes of Deepak Paramanand (JP Morgan), Kailash Nadh (Zerodha), and Justice Kannan Krishnamoorthy.

Wrapping Up a Transformative Residency:

As curtains came down on the OpenNyAI Maker Residency, it was evident that the journey had only just begun. The collaborations initiated, prototypes crafted, and dialogues ignited are set to impact the legal realm for years to come. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when diverse minds come together, a commitment to leveraging technology for ensuring justice for every individual.

The future is a blend of law, technology, and the collective determination to make a difference. The OpenNyAI Maker Residency was not just an event; it was the beginning of a revolution.

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