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We're thrilled to have you as a speaker for our enlightening event. Here's a more detailed overview of the event itself and what you'll be sharing with our diverse and eager audience.

🚀 About AMA.Dev

"Ask Me Anything.Dev" is an insightful and interactive event series hosted at TinkerSpace. Our goal is to bridge the gap between aspiring tech enthusiasts and industry professionals like yourself. We provide a platform where attendees can gain valuable insights into the tech world and gather practical advice to kickstart or enhance their careers.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: Every Tuesday, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Location: TinkerSpace, Location
  • Audience: A diverse group, including tech enthusiasts, career changers, daily learners, aspiring students, and anyone curious about the tech industry.

Your Role as a Speaker:

  1. Real-Time Experience: Open up about your personal journey and the real-world experiences that have shaped your successful career in the tech industry.
  2. Industry Insights: Provide our audience with an in-depth understanding of the tech industry's dynamics, including current trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  3. Employability Guidance: Offer actionable advice on how to secure a job in tech, covering resume building, interview techniques, and the critical skills employers are seeking.
  4. Skills for Success: Discuss the essential technical and soft skills necessary to thrive in the tech world as a developer.
  5. First Job Story: Share your own experiences, challenges, and triumphs from your early days in the tech industry.
  6. Hiring Perspective: Shed light on what you, as a tech professional, look for when considering new talent for your team.
  7. Your Coding Journey: Inspire and guide beginners by sharing your own journey into coding and any valuable tips you've gathered along the way.
  8. Stories and Anecdotes: Share memorable stories or anecdotes from your tech career to both inspire and educate our audience.

Program Structure:

  • Welcome and Speaker Introduction (5 mins): We'll introduce you to the audience and set the stage for your enlightening insights.
  • Experience Sharing (20 mins): Dive into your journey, experiences, and the keys to thriving in the tech industry.
  • AMA Session with the Tech Professional (10 mins): Engage in a direct Q&A session with the attendees for an interactive and informative discussion.
  • Q&A from Participants (10 mins): Address specific questions and provide personalized guidance to those eager to enter or advance in the tech world.
  • Networking and Close (5 mins): Wrap up the event, giving attendees an opportunity to connect with you and with each other.

Previous Event Highlights

  • Vishnu Sudhakaran - Full Stack Engineer at Zerodha: Vishnu, a key contributor to Zerodha's groundbreaking apps like Coin, shared insights into his expertise that shaped these revolutionary platforms. Attendees also explored his significant contributions to the open-source community.
  • Ananth Padmanabhan - CEO of Greenpeace India, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative, and more, offered valuable insights for those passionate about climate change, constitutional values, education, or starting not-for-profits or social enterprises.
  • Shemeer - Founder of Shemeer, a Mozilla Tech & Society Fellow, discussed his vision and expertise in cybersecurity and privacy. He shared insights about Aikyam Fund's accelerator program, aiming to make "Kerala the biggest contributor of Privacy & Security to the world by 2030.

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