Campus challenge

About Campus challenge

Tinkerhub Foundation presents the Generative AI Challenge as a precursor to our forthcoming Generative AI Conference. This challenge is exclusively for students in campus. We invite you to demonstrate your creativity, technical expertise, and innovative spirit by building generative AI projects.


Develop a generative AI project using: Open-source generative AI models OpenAI LangChain Stable diffusion Voice models APIs like replicate …etc. The project could be an application addressing a real-world issue or a library designed for developers.


Must be a student. Only individual participation is allowed.

Project Requirements

Generative AI Integration: The core of the project should utilize generative AI techniques.

Language:Any programming language of choice.

Open Source: The project must be open source with a public repository.

Documentation: Proper documentation should be provided, detailing project's purpose,setup,usage and any other pertinent information.

Deployment: The project should be deployed and accessible for use.


Tinkerhub will provide credits for select paid generative AI APIs and tools to assist in the development of your projects. OpenAI credits Replicate credits Deployment like AWS or GCP TinkerSpace GPU for finetuning models

Selection Criteria

From the submitted projects, four will be chosen: 2 projects from women participants. 2 projects from men participants. Project concept Project code completed till the submission date Documentation Further OSS contribution possibilities Like proper issues created for others to contribute Documentation for setup in local

Important dates

Submission Deadline: 21/11/2023

Winner Announcement:23/11/2023

Generative AI Conference Date: 25/11/2023

Submission guidelines

Project Submission Guidelines

We don’t expect anyone to finish an end-to-end AI project in 15 days. The following parts of the project completed till the submission date should be there.

  • Submit a link to the project's public repository with code.
  • Include a concise description of the project.
  • Provide a link to the deployed project (if any).
  • Ensure all documentation is available in the repository.
  • Add issues in GitHub for the rest of the works to be done.

After deployment, send your repo link to:

Click here to submit the project


Recognition: Winners will be awarded prizes to honor their exceptional work. Conference Presentation:The selected four individuals will have the unique opportunity to present their projects at the Generative AI Conference. Feedback: Receive invaluable suggestions and insights from esteemed speakers and other generative AI experts.

Some inspiration projects