Gear up for FURTHER 2023 in Kochi – your nexus for AI revolution. Tinkerhub presents a day at TinkerSpace on 25th of November 2023, brimming with insights and innovation in the area of generative AI. Step into the future with us. Welcome to the core of creation!

Speakers & Resource Persons

Expert Voices Across the Spectrum

Prasanna Nair

Founder,The Idea Tribe

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Alpan Raval

Chief Scientist,AI/ML

Wadhwani AI

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Enrique Ferrao

Co-Founder & CIO, Xylem AI

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Pranav Reddy

Co-Founder & CTO, Xylem AI

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Dr. Sinnu Susan Thomas

Asst Professor Digital University,Kerala

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Abirami Sukumaran

Developer Advocate in Google

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Dr. Thasleema T M

Audio Visual Speech Processing Lab,CUK

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Akshay Dev

Associate Consultant(Data Science)

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Praveen Sridhar

Building a generative AI project

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Gopikrishnan S

Fellow @ People+ AI

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Unlock a full cycle of innovation at FURTHER 2023 – where the energy doesn't dim at 5 p.m., it transforms.As daylight wanes, the pulse of 'Makers Night' takes over—a nocturnal hub equipped with powerful GPUs and a wealth of resources, ready for your command. From the first keynote to the last code commit, your journey through AI is unending. Embrace the full cycle of creation: learn by day, build by night, and keep the ideas alight around the clock!

How to participate

Join us on November 25th at TinkerSpace, Kochi, for a one-day exploration of the limitless possibilities of generative AI. Unleash your creativity and ignite the spark of intelligent innovation. Admission is free. Please note that seats are limited and participants will be selected based on their demonstrated enthusiasm and contributions to the field of AI. We encourage you to register early to share your passion for AI with us.

Last date to apply:20/11/2023

Makers Night

Following the main event, we are excited to present 'Makers Night', an immersive post-conference programme that will continue into the next day. This will include hands-on workshops in fine-tuning LLMs, and providing GPUs for attendees to build projects and experiment with their own ideas.

Campus Challenge

Tinkerhub Foundation presents the Generative AI Challenge as a precursor to our forthcoming Generative AI Conference. This challenge is exclusively for students in campus. We invite you to demonstrate your creativity, technical expertise, and innovative spirit by building generative AI projects.

Join us for a day of thought-provoking discussions, networking and making with some of the brightest minds in the field of generative AI. We are excited to host you and look forward to an eventful conference!