Venue One:

9:40 A.M Welcome
9:45 A.M Keynote Abirami Sukumaran
10:00 A.M Speech and Audio processing Dr Thasleema T.M
10:40 A.M Break
11:00 A.M Human-centered AI Prasanna Nair
11:40 A.M Bringing LLMs to production Pranav Reddy
12:20 P.M Project presentation
1:00 P.M Lunch
2:00 P.M Panel discussion:The future - A Programmer with the power of AI
3:00 P.M Conditional Generative Models in Computer Vision Dr Sinnu Susan Thomas
3:40 P.M Break
4:00 P.M Deep dive into LLM architecture Enrique Ferrao
4:40 P.M End note and launch of residency programme

Venue Two:

Time Event Speakers
10:00 Generative AI powered search Gopikrishnan S
--- ---
11:00 A.M Role of Generative AI for Document Intelligence Solutions Akshay Dev
--- ---
12:20 P.M The AI engineer & Opensouce Shahul E.S
--- ---
3:15 P.M AI for social good Alpan Raval
--- ---

Following the main event, 'Makers Night', an immersive post-conference program offering hands-on workshops for fine-tuning LLMs and access to GPUs for personal project development happening From 7 p.m